On the 12 June our annual Interfaith Walk was held, with over forty people taking part. This was to be a walk of unity between people of different faiths. Our goal was to visit different places of worship, and to appreciate the religious diversity of Northampton The walk started at the Roman Catholic cathedral in Barrack Road. The NIFF Chair, Surendra Malhotra, then led us to the George Street Mosque, where we were given an introduction to Islam. Next, we visited the RBN Gurdwara on Cromwell Street. This stop included a traditional Sikh vegetarian meal in their Langer Hall for lunch – most nutritious, and a highlight of the day!
Next, we visited the New Life Church on Tower Street. This was formerly known as the Kingdom Life Church. Our final stop was St. Peters Church in Mare Fair, where we were given a guided tour by a local historian. A fascinating and very worthwhile day.