This year’s Interfaith week took place from 12th-19th November.

Northampton Inter Faith Forum held the following events, and we were pleased to be joined by new people.

On 12th November NIFF members took part in the Remembrance Service at All Saints Church.  William Duncan, Chair of NIFF read a peace prayer and gave a speech.  The following is an extract from the speech.

“I believe that we can achieve peace if we all strive for it.  It results from practising loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance.  These are common teachings and practices of all our faiths.  But peace won’t happen if we wait for others to work for it.  The members of our Northampton Inter Faith Forum are working successfully to create Understanding, Respect and Friendship between people of different faiths, mainly by initiating dialogue.”

On the evening of the 12th NIFF joined the Sikh community’s Langar Seva on Abington St to help provide a hot meal  to the local communities.

Members of NIFF were very pleased to be hosted by the Mayor of Northampton on the 16th, where he thanked us for our work and supporting his chaplaincy this year.

On Friday 17th November NIFF had a stand on Northampton Market Square to promote our work.  We later joined in with International Men’s day event in the Grosvenor Centre, to meet people attending this event

We finished the week on Sunday 19th by holding an interfaith walk.  Over 20 people joined us to visit the Unitarian Centre, St Peters Church and the Shi’a Muslim Community Centre.  Thank you to all those communities and to John Small for providing us with historical information about some of the locations we visited.

Some photos from the week are below.